• Reviewed by: debba007  on: 2020/7/16 13:28:22
    China Bistro on Vogel Rd, Evansville Indiana you are da bomb! I have carry out for about 2 months now and every time my Shrimp Fried Rice is excellent! You rock!!! Debbie
  • Reviewed by: debba007  on: 2020/7/16 13:24:52
    China Bistro on Vogel Rd, Evansville Indiana - you are da bomb! I have had caary out for about a month and a half, and you guys are great!!! My shrimp fried rice is perfect every time!!! Love love love!! Debbie Taylor
  • Reviewed by: ran731  on: 2020/6/28 10:15:59
    When will dine-in resume. Take out is just not as good.
  • Reviewed by: mariaranola  on: 2020/5/10 9:26:26
    Pls take note we want vegetarian lo mein with tofu added instead of meat
  • Reviewed by: moe8603  on: 2020/4/23 17:54:57
    I ordered the General Two and the spicy Garlic chicken and neither one was spicy at all. I was very disappointed.
  • Reviewed by: dariley1950  on: 2020/12/29 9:19:03
    When I pull up menu, all it offers is "add to cart". I need a description of what the dish actually is and what's in it.....
  • Reviewed by: leomark11117  on: 2020/10/13 15:31:39
    Hello, Trust you are well. I work for a small health volunteer group. I will like to know if I can place a food order for pick up towards the end of the month. The order is to cater to some health volunteer workers (Heritage Giving)fighting against the dreadful outbreak of the COVID19. Can you get me the total cost for 140 chicken caesar salads individually packed ? I'm working with an Event Planner Driver AND We have made arrangement for a driver to pick up the order after payment on the stated date. Thanks in anticipation of a positive response. Best Regards, Leomark Leomark11117@Gmail.Com
  • Reviewed by: jcsanders400  on: 2020/1/3 13:33:11
    I was curious about your Buddha Delight dish? Is this truly vegetarian? Someone I know says it has chicken broth. That the brown sauce used has chicken broth in it. So I was wondering if you could get it with white sauce instead? Or does the white sauce have chicken in it too? Are there ANY dishes that are strictly vegetarian? I like chicken but a vegan friend was asking. Thanks!
  • Reviewed by: jana_kastle  on: 2019/7/3 20:01:07
    I would like reservations tomorrow for 6 on July 4th at noon. My name is Jana Kastle and my cell is 812-483-2779. Please call me to verify. Thank you for your assistance.
  • Reviewed by: brian  on: 2019/4/23 14:03:11
    Not able to order any sides
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